Taxis Bruxellois

Since September 1st 2011 the Brussels cabs must be in black color and must have on their 4 doors a black and yellow checkered band with 2 Iris (symbol of Brussels City).

Taxis have a black and yellow checkerboard pattern light indicator on the roof called « Sputnik ».

They are also equipped with a rectangular blue background nameplate featured with 4 yellow numbers and the Iris symbol. This plate is attached to the front right bumper of the car. The taxi identification number is also reproduced on both rear wings of vehicles. You can also find this taxi identification number inside the vehicle in two specific locations, on a plate attached to the dashboard (usually above the glove box) and on the plasticized price list attached to the back of one of the headrests.

Every Brussels cab is equipped with a license plate whose first letters begins with « TX ».

Official cabs affiliated to « Taxis Bleus » booking center can be recognized by two distinctive signs:

  • The rear windshield contains a large blue rectangular advertising band on which « Taxis Bleus » cars numbering is inscribed in white.
  • The lower right corner of the front windshield contains a small blue square advertising strip on which « Taxis Bleus » cars numbering is written in white.
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